Importance of PK0-004 Project+ Certification Exam

  • Exam Code: PK0-004
  • Course Name: CompTIA Project+
  • Vendor: CompTIA
  • Passing Score: 710

CompTIA Project+, also known as PK0-004 exam, is an important part of CompTIA certifications. The PK0-004 exam is for those IT Professionals who are entry-level computer support professionals with basic knowledge of computer hardware, software, and operating systems interesting in acquiring more information and skills related to project management in order to make a better career for themselves.

Essential Skills for Project+ Certification Exam

The PK0-004 exam provides you essential skills that how to plan and implement IT projects that will positively impact your organization. The PK0-004 exam helps you that how to initiate a project, create a scope statement how to plan project strategy. Moreover, the CompTIA Project+ enables you to create the project budget and schedule. In order to be capable of initiate a project and how to create the scope and project strategy, as well as, how and where to implement the project, you must take the PK0-004 exam. After Passing PK0-004 exam, you will be capable of following expertise

• Manage the project life cycle
• Ensure appropriate communication
• Manage resources and stakeholders
• Maintain project documentation

Boost Your Career After Passing PK0-004 Project+ Exam

The PK0-004 exam also enlightens you with the capabilities of using the components of a project life cycle and determines stakeholder needs. The PK0-004 exam also assists you to identify create a risk management plan and create a closeout plan. In addition, the PK0-004 exam makes you an expert in creating the project budget. CompTIA Project+ certification facilitates you with the abilities to managing relationships with the project team.

Best Resource Available for CompTIA Project+ PK0-004 Certification

There are many sources available on the internet for the study materials of PK0-004 exam. But the major problem is that there is hardly any website through which one can obtain quality material. Marks4sure is the only site from where you can get quality study materials for PK0-004 exams. The Preparation Material available on the website of Marks4sure for the PK0-004 Exam provides you with the details required to take a certification examination. These Study materials are organized after thorough research by certification experts who use their experience in order to produce accurate, rational and verified materials for the answers. With the help of the Marks4sure PK0-004 exam engine, you can get up-to-date material relevant to this exam. At Marks4sure, PK0-004 Study Exams are composed by contemporary and dynamic Information Technology experts, who use their knowledge and experience to organize you for your future in IT. After completing this exam you will manage to create the Project Budget and Schedule.

At, CompTIA Project+ will offer you with exam questions and verified answers that is like the actual exam. These questions and answers enlighten you with the experience of taking the actual test. The PK0-004 Exam is not just questions and answers. They are your access to high technological expertise and speedy learning ability. This exam also facilitates you in implementing and closing the Project.

JavaServer Pages

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a technology for developing web pages that support dynamic content which helps developers insert java code in HTML pages by making use of special JSP tags.

A JavaServer Pages component is a type of Java servlet that is designed to fulfill the role of a user interface for a Java web application. Web developers write JSPs as text files that combine HTML or XHTML code, XML elements, and embedded JSP actions and commands.

Using JSP, you can collect input from users through web page forms, present records from a database or another source, and create web pages dynamically.

JSP tags can be used for a variety of purposes, such as retrieving information from a database or registering user preferences, accessing JavaBeans components, passing control between pages and sharing information between requests, pages etc.

Why Use JSP?

JavaServer Pages often serve the same purpose as programs implemented using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). But JSP offer several advantages in comparison with the CGI.

  • Performance is significantly better because JSP allows embedding Dynamic Elements in HTML Pages itself instead of having a separate CGI files.
  • JSP are always compiled before it’s processed by the server unlike CGI/Perl which requires the server to load an interpreter and the target script each time the page is requested.
  • JavaServer Pages are built on top of the Java Servlets API, so like Servlets, JSP also has access to all the powerful Enterprise Java APIs, including JDBC, JNDI, EJB, JAXP etc.
  • JSP pages can be used in combination with servlets that handle the business logic, the model supported by Java servlet template engines.
  • Finally, JSP is an integral part of Java EE, a complete platform for enterprise class applications. This means that JSP can play a part in the simplest applications to the most complex and demanding.

Advantages of JSP:

Following is the list of other advantages of using JSP over other technologies:

  • Active Server Pages (ASP): The advantages of JSP are twofold. First, the dynamic part is written in Java, not Visual Basic or other MS specific language, so it is more powerful and easier to use. Second, it is portable to other operating systems and non-Microsoft Web servers.
  • Pure Servlets: It is more convenient to write (and to modify!) regular HTML than to have plenty of println statements that generate the HTML.
  • Server-Side Includes (SSI): SSI is really only intended for simple inclusions, not for “real” programs that use form data, make database connections, and the like.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript can generate HTML dynamically on the client but can hardly interact with the web server to perform complex tasks like database access and image processing etc.
  • Static HTML: Regular HTML, of course, cannot contain dynamic information.

How to Improve Your Computer Skills With Computer Books and Ebooks

Are you looking for a computer book to improve your computer programming skills or general IT knowledge?

A distinguishing mark of professionals is that they keep up-to-date with the newest ideas, techniques and developments in their field. If you are a computer professional you should read every computer book and computer eBook which can help you to improve your computer skills.

You can find good Computer Books and eBooks on the Internet. Some of them can be purchased online, whereas other ones are free and can be easily downloaded.

Purchasing Computer Books

There are many online Book stores, which sell Computer Books and Computer Ebooks and the most famous one is surely Amazon. They have search facilities which allow to find what you are looking for in a way that is surely easier and faster than searching in a main street bookstore.

You can select a category from a menu (e.g. Databases, Programming, Linux and Unix, AS/400) or use the search facilities to find Books or Software in your area of interest.

If you browse some computer book among the possible choices, you will normally find a good product description which often includes the table of contents and, in many cases, you will find also reviews submitted by people who have read the book. Often there is also an average customer review which can be useful to decide if the purchase is worthwhile.

If you decide to buy, you can easily add your choices to a shopping cart and pay online by using a Credit or Debit Card. The Books are usually delivered from the Online Bookstore pretty fast.

Free Programming E-Books

There are many good Computer Ebooks, often published in PDF format, with plenty of useful information.

Some of them are free downloadable Ebooks whereas other ones (especially computer tutorials) can read online.

Computer manufacturers, such as IBM, often allow to access an online library of their technical documentation and often provide good computer tutorials (visit for example the site Developer Works ).

An author which offers online many free downloadable ebooks is Bruce Eckel. His company provides public and private training and consulting services and he has decided to offer the FREE downloadable eBook version of many good Programming books, which are also sold in Book stores in the printed format.

Bruce Eckel has published over 150 articles and several computer books such as Thinking in Java (Prentice-Hall, 1998, 2nd Edition, 2000), the Hands-On Java Seminar CD ROM (available on his Mind View site and enclosed to the previous book), Thinking in C++>/b> (PH 1995; 2nd edition 2000), C++ Inside & Out (Osborne/McGraw-Hill 1993), among others.

He’s given hundreds of presentations throughout the world, published over 150 articles in numerous magazines, was a founding member of the ANSI/ISO C++committee, speaks regularly at conferences and is the C++ and Java track chair for the Software Development conference. He provides public and private seminars and design consulting in C++, Java and Python.

His books can be purchased in Book stores, but previous versions can also be easily downloaded as Ebooks and are surely very useful to Computer professionals.


If you want to improve your computer knowledge, try the Internet as a valid alternative to traditional Bookshops and Libraries.

Mario Pesce is a Computer consultant which is also very interested in Website building

What is ASP.NET? -Top 12 Advantages of ASP.NET

What is ASP.NET? ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages .NET and is developed by Microsoft. ASP.NET is used to create web pages and web technologies and is an integral part of Microsoft’s .NET framework vision. As a member of the .NET framework, ASP.NET is a very valuable tool for programmers and developers as it allows them to build dynamic, rich web sites and web applications using compiled languages like VB and C#.

ASP.NET is not limited to script languages, it allows you to make use of .NET languages like C#, J#, VB, etc. It allows developers to build very compelling applications by making use of Visual Studio, the development tool provided by Microsoft. ASP.NET is purely server-side technology. It is built on a common language runtime that can be used on any Windows server to host powerful ASP.NET web sites and technologies.

In the early days of the Web i.e. before the release of Internet Information Services (IIS) in 1997, the contents of web pages were largely static. These web pages needed to be constantly, and manually, modified. There was an urgent need to create web sites that were dynamic and would update automatically.

Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) was brought to the market to meet this need. ASP executed on the server side, with its output sent to the user’s web browser, thus allowing the server to generate dynamic web pages based on the actions of the user.

These server-side technologies are important contributions to the development of the Web.,, and many other popular web sites use ASP.NET as the framework for their site; without ASP.NET it would not be possible.

12 important advantages ASP.NET offers over other Web development models:

1. ASP.NET drastically reduces the amount of code required to build large applications.

2. With built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration, your applications are safe and secured.

3. It provides better performance by taking advantage of early binding, just-in-time compilation, native optimization, and caching services right out of the box.

4. The ASP.NET framework is complemented by a rich toolbox and designer in the Visual Studio integrated development environment. WYSIWYG editing, drag-and-drop server controls, and automatic deployment are just a few of the features this powerful tool provides.

5. Provides simplicity as ASP.NET makes it easy to perform common tasks, from simple form submission and client authentication to deployment and site configuration.

6. The source code and HTML are together therefore ASP.NET pages are easy to maintain and write. Also the source code is executed on the server. This provides a lot of power and flexibility to the web pages.

7. All the processes are closely monitored and managed by the ASP.NET runtime, so that if process is dead, a new process can be created in its place, which helps keep your application constantly available to handle requests.

8. It is purely server-side technology so, ASP.NET code executes on the server before it is sent to the browser.

9. Being language-independent, it allows you to choose the language that best applies to your application or partition your application across many languages.

10. ASP.NET makes for easy deployment. There is no need to register components because the configuration information is built-in.

11. The Web server continuously monitors the pages, components and applications running on it. If it notices any memory leaks, infinite loops, other illegal activities, it immediately destroys those activities and restarts itself.

12. Easily works with ADO.NET using data-binding and page formatting features. It is an application which runs faster and counters large volumes of users without having performance problems

In short ASP.NET, the next generation version of Microsoft’s ASP, is a programming framework used to create enterprise-class web sites, web applications, and technologies. ASP.NET developed applications are accessible on a global basis leading to efficient information management. Whether you are building a small business web site or a large corporate web application distributed across multiple networks, ASP.NET will provide you all the features you could possibly need…and at an affordable cost: FREE!

ASP Hosting – What We Can Get From the Advance ASP Technology?

ASP hosting is a great technology which can provide benefits to business and other conventional users to create a successful website using the Active Server Pages (ASP) technologies and scripts. On the website security measures, this scripts do provide a secure platform for company and users on performing daily business activity such as online billing and transactions.  With the help of ASP hosting service provider, users can now even enjoy a solid and safe hosting experience and the ease of maintaining large workloads of web applications.

ASP web hosting are popular in handling multiple website management tasks such as advance control management system. Nowadays, there are plenty of popular content management system which build in ASP platform such as mojoPortal and Community Server . These content management system will help the company to update the latest information on the company information or products information easily to their clients. Without consuming a lot of time and IT skills to do that.

We know that ASP hosting do provide us with a lot of advantages but it stills depends on your planning on utilizing it. To cope with high competitive market, most of the ASP hosting plans are included with many features such as file hosting services, image hosting services, support blogging software, video and audio streaming, shopping cart software and many more. It is a good news for us whereby we can select from many of the features to build up our web applications faster with the support from the hosting companies.

ASP hosting also helps developers and webmasters as a source of income where they resell the hosting plan to their clients by becoming a reseller ASP hosting. They have  the authority to resell the hosting plan to their clients, relatives and also friends who need their services. This is a great idea and low cost way to start a web hosting business because all the expensive cost of purchasing and maintaining a web server is provided by the hosting company. What they need to worry about is how to setup a business and marketing plan to find potential clients and provide the services for them.

If you do not have the knowledge on ASP scripts and coding, there are a lot of resources on the internet where you can search for relevant ASP tutorials. A site such as gathers all experts in the related fields and shared their knowledge on the ASP application developments tips and skills.

The ASP benefits described above is certainly a great reference for developers to choose ASP as the medium of software and web applications development.